4 South View

Thia one is about chilhood memories of travelling from South Wales to my Grandparents home in the border county of Herefordshire in a tiny hamlet called Abbey Dore. My parents didn’t drive so we all had to get on the service buses to make our way and it seemed to take an absolute age. In a time before electricity made it to Abbey Dore we had to make our own amusements and this song recalls some of those halcyon days.


  1. Lovely song Huw.
    Being a Hereford lad myself and my grandparents living in a similar cottage just across the way in Shenmore, it’s all so familiar to me. Nice one πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

  2. This is such a beautiful song. Loved the melody and the whole production, including the video. We spent a weekend not far from Abbey Dore last year (stayed near Rowlstone) – it’s a lovely part of the country.

  3. Hi Huw,

    Lovely guitar playing, and you’ve upped ante with the photos. Nice story, that a lot of us will relate to. For me it was Essex to Llanelli, when I was a kid, but the sentiments are the same.