16 rounds (song for Sirgiy)

This is recent history. Telling the story of Sergiy Petroshenko A 21 year old Ukrainian soldier left to guard a footbridge in Kyiv alone. The sky news clip went viral all over the internet>learning that he had only ever fired 16 rounds on a range in his life moved me to write this song.
Quote He was very polite and accommodating. Speaking fluent English, he said we could film Kyiv’s magnificent skyline as long as we stayed with him and didn’t wander off.

As we began to chat, I realised he was desperately sad and wanted to talk. He told me he just wanted to go home but felt duty bound to defend his country.

Mr Petroshenko himself seemed incredulous when he explained that in his entire military career, he had fired his weapon just 16 times – on a range. That’s 16 bullets.

“And now I’m going to shoot people to protect my country? I don’t want this to happen,” he told me.