The rest is History

I decided to do a thing and not a person…..although a ship has a figurehead!! I actually learnt quite a lot of interesting things while writing the song and I tried to keep the facts correct.
If you don’t comment on the song I thought you might comment about the shirt!!!! We’ve just had the Songkran Festival in Thailand and flowery shirts and throwing water at each other is pretty much what happens.


  1. I love this. I like the way the main story and factual info is in the verses, and then that lovely chorus gives a chance to digest it and draw breath to listen to the next verse

  2. I was at Portsmouth Polytechnic 1979-82 all the time they were diving on the wreck. They bought it up 2 weeks after I left Pompey to go home! Some really good storytelling though a little heavy on the reverb for me. Great shirt btw!