The Oak

Really late entry!!!! here are the lyrics – Just a seed floating by on the breeze
Seeking the soil ‘neath the trees
I will wait for the rain and the sun
And send roots deep my time has begun

In the first years I grew, straight and proud
Saw the Normans build their church for the crowd
Saw the deer run, hunted with bow
Saw the men track too and fro

Then came the wars, men fighting men
Then came the peace, saw the axe swung again
Clearing the land to make way for the grain
We spread our seeds now in vain

All my brothers fell to the axe and the chain
Each of them is gone only I remain
when will you learn
when will you see
nothing gives life like the tree

The church rebuilt, monks have gone now a farm upon the hill
The horse engine now derelict, I stand here still
Felt miners below, hewing the coal
Felt summers warm and winters cold

Nine hundred years have I stood in this place
I have witnessed the spread of this strange human race
Seasons may come, seasons may go
What will you plant, will it grow?

Just a seed floating by on the breeze
That sought out the soil ‘neath the trees
I grew strong by rain and by sun
I grow tired my time is now done


  1. Love the perspective in the lyrics, the history and the message. Enjoyed the folky ‘drone’ of the bass notes with the guitar melody in the accompaniment. I’d love to hear this arranged with a couple more instruments/vocal tracks, I loved the trad folk style of this!

  2. Thanks Kris, glad you enjoyed it. It’s loosely based on the history of where I live, 1150 AD Norman church, rebuilt by monks in the 16thC who were kicked out by Henry VIII, Oaks Farm built on the cleared land and mine workings of the South Yorkshire coalfields underneath!