Song Without Words

Fans of bum notes will LOVE this.


  1. A lovely melody. It kind of stands alone which is tricky as I’m not sure where the space is to drop in some lyrics. Its like the guitar already ” sings” the vocal line.

  2. The best bum notes in the business! That was very satisfying on a spiritual level (I don’t want to sound too way out but they are the only words I can come up with). I really enjoyed listening

  3. Good stuff. It’s a lovely tune and I can definitely hear a voice singing it. If I heard it right you play once through to around 1:45 then repeat with a little more embellishment. Very enjoyable.

  4. Electric guitar is really telling the song, very expressive, great melody, keen to know now what the lyrics will be about! Looking forward to hearing this as a song! 🤞🏻