Satire to Freedom

A dystopian, protest song about elitist government's and democracies.


  1. Ha. I’m getting a total Kurt Weill Brechtian vibe. I found this rather compelling satire! Great lyrics and off-kilter rhythms and rhymes to go with your dystopian alienated sound. 😉

  2. Hi Charlotte – loving this, most original song I’ve heard in a while. It has a really hypnotic feel with the sparse guitar and repitition. The dark glasses and hat round things off nicely. Brilliant performance. Gets a vote from me. Cheers.

  3. As Chris Penney says, this wouldn’t be out of place in Brecht’s Berlin between the wars. We grow so used to the status quo, we don’t notice how dystopian life has become. Praiseworthy originality & performance 👏.