Rhodian Summer

Listening t the other offerings for this challenge I have gone with a mellow summer tune. The original song with a vocal is called “India Summer” written for a friend called Indiah (I know! My originality startles me sometimes :P). For this challenge I have removed the vocal and added some sexy sax so it still maintains some sort of melody and is not just a backing instrumental track. I would be interested to see/hear somebody else’s lyrics for this and compare notes. (I am currently listening to the song with both the vocals and the new saxophone tracks added…and it actually sounds better to me than the original).


  1. Something very sultry about this. I recognise the reference to Sade in styling but this could equally played nicely with just a single instrument I think. Hope someone comes up with a great lyric for you

  2. The sort of melody you want to dance & sway to on a sultry evening when the moon is full & you’ve had just a little too much wine. I wouldn’t think this needs many lyrics. Something enigmatic, sensual… a lot of potential.