Regrets? I haven't learnt a thing..

Covid stole my voice for WEEKS – only just got it back (phew) – just in time to record my challenge song.
It sort of started out from thinking about the Edith Piaff classic, then grew from there in a sort of meandering way.


  1. Originality & wit are always guaranteed from you, Kris. I love this. Great lyrics and your own inimitable delivery. I think Edith Piaf, Marilyn Monroe. Mae West & you would have all got along famously & made a great stage show, ??

  2. Thanks all. I had fun with this one. Delivery was more hammed up than usual, to disguise the post-covid ragged edges in my voice. But I am thinking that a bit more expression in the delivery is a good thing – so will bear it in mind on future songs