(If Anyone Can) Macca Can

This is a song for and about Sir Paul as a lifelong fan. I have borrowed the chords from “A Hard Days Night” and moved them around a bit and name checked a few of his songs. It’s just for fun. I started this morning at 7 am and it is now nearly 6pm so that’s been a productive 11 hours, start to finish from scratch including the video so I am pretty pleased with it. I hope you enjoy it and if Sir Paul gets to see it I hope my respect and admiration for him comes across without diminishing his contribution to the world and to music.


  1. How you’ve done those “AHDN” chords justice with this interesting, fun, toe-tapping lyric mix, Duncan. TisT member @AnneMarshall has it right, too, about all the happy-feel good, catchy in this tune. Great job and post!