Holiday Girl

Here's my entry to the #departuresandarrivalschallenge It's a an acoustic punk-type number about a young woman in a boring job who lives for her two weeks in Spain every year – and who could blame her. Excuse sunglasses, I wanted to get in the mood!
Holiday Girl
Rainy Monday, late for work
You’re in trouble again
The boss is cross, but you shrug it off
In your head you’re on that plane
You earn your pay to be on holiday
Where it’s sun and sand and sea
In Benidorm where the weather’s warm
That’s where you long to be
‘cos when you’re on holiday you’re fine
Like the Mediterranean sun you shine
You’re having the bestest ever time
You’re a holiday girl.
Lazy days down by the sea
Crazy nights as you party
It’s all you dreamed that it would be
You’re a holiday girl.
The working day drags on and on
As you’re staring at your screen
Work’s a nightmare, but you don’t care
Your holiday’s a dream
You’re searching through the internet
For the cheapest package deal
You’ll get the sack if they see you slack
They just don’t care how you feel
Middle Eight
The good times never stop
Exotic booze, erotic mood
You dance until you drop
All night, ‘til daylight
Holiday, have a holiday girl,
Holiday, have a holiday girl,
Holiday, have a holiday girl,
Everyone’s had a holiday girl!
(Spoken) Oh no! We’re going home tomorrow