Give Me Something

I hope this song fits the description. Over the Christmas period 2022/23 I really was feeling unwell and wondered if this was it, the end had come. I live on my own, I did not have a job at the time, my family do not communicate with me and it got me thinking, if I departed this mortal coil, would anyone even know? It got me thinking of the broader spectrum of modern society and the ay some people are treated for whatever reason….this song was born out of these experiences. It could be construed as being a bit bleak and negative but it was my heart’s cry at the time.


  1. Hi Duncan – I won’t lie it is bleak but that is the greatest thing that we can release our emotions through music and let them go – you could hear a call from the heart so that in itself makes it a good song – thank you for sharing.

  2. I appreciate the comments and feedback. Thank you 🙂 Songwriting IS cathartic for me and certainly helps to get things off my chest, even if those things are sometimes, heavy, dark and difficult. I am pleased to be able to do it and hope it inspires and encourages others.

  3. It was helpful to read about the context for this song and I hope the making of it helped you at a bleak time. The production and melody make for a hypnotic listen. My doubt is this: for me, a song should offer as much to the listener as to the song-maker and this level of bleak self-absorption makes that difficult though I know that some may find a reflection of their own experience. It’s also over-long, not so much in itself but in the context that I’m in now – finding time to listen to over 30 songs as expected when participating in thsi Challenge.