Endless Bus Ride

Here is my tiny contribution to the project, paying my respects to the Great Sir Paul McCartney. This is a sort of going back down memory lane to the times when he was young and going on a bus ride back from band rehearsal with his friends. I remember him mentioning these bus rides on an interview (still recalling the bus routes numbers), so I tried to think of what it means going back to a time when you are young and life is full of promise and possibilities. Of course, in the case of Sir Paul McCartney, most of them actually came true!


  1. Oh now this one is really intriguing. A really original melody, lyrical idea and arrangement. I think this one is going to stick in my mind. Some odd clicks in my headphones like a slightly scratched LP. Not sure if that was intentional but it just added to the originality.

  2. Talk about a take-me-away play and vocals, Leonardo! Quite an enjoyable tune. I dug the easy flow and travel in its pleasing Sir Paul dedication and lyric performance.