Childhood’s End

I don’t think about my childhood often
Too busy trying to cope with here and now
But sometimes stuff that I thought long forgotten
Peeps shyly round the curtain, takes a bow

Our house was full of love, but there was no spare cash to spend
On replacing beat-up favourite toys just too far gone to mend
Childhood’s End

First time cycling with no stabilisers
Learning how to balance, how to steer
But my new skills were just an appetiser
For independence, freedom, girls and beer

I still found time for games of make believe and let’s pretend
But I gradually grew out of my imaginary friends
Childhood’s End

I didn’t think about my childhood often
As I walked along the road to here and now
But I recall the love I left unspoken
And all the hearts and promises I’ve broken
I’d like to fix things but I don’t know how

Time and time again, every now and then,
Seems like nothing much has changed since can’t remember when
It all still feels a bit like Childhood’s End

Original song by Pete Smith © 2023


  1. You took me time travelling with your song, Pete. The bike with stabilisers in particular; I have such vivid memories of those. It’s a shame life doesn’t come equipped with its own unbreakable set. Poignant, thoughtful lyrics and a melody still echoing in my mind.

  2. Liked the way you strummed that Pete. Sort of Bolero style to my mind.
    Great lyrics and those familiar memories. Particularly like the “seems like nothings changed” line.