Changing My Number

Dedicated to the millions who constantly suffer the frustrations of phone, text and email scams. Good luck to everybody who has entered the competition.


  1. Well you got my vote Bob!
    Yes we have all experienced the frustration of running to the phone only to find it is a foreign person with an accent that is a giveaway!
    Liked the Sound Effects! PRrRR, PRRrr

  2. Great! Love the lyrics..all sooo true. This made me smile as we are all prisoners to this madness of annoying telephone intrusions, what a good idea to vent it all in a song, brilliant.

  3. Thanks Sally. I got the idea one Saturday morning when I received a third call before breakfast. I started singing I’m changing my number to myself, developed it into a chorus then wrote most of the song. Breakfast became lunch. Thanks for your comment. Have you entered? If yes can you send me a link?