Bombs Over Bremen

This song was inspired by a story I read in Max Hastings' book 'Bomber Command', probably about 10 years ago. In this case I painted the artwork specifically for this song. It breaks my heart to see that 10 years on from writing this song cities are still being raised to the ground by war.


  1. Hi Graham,

    Gosh, you are multi-talented. I like the guitar playing which really allows your voice take centre-stage. I think you have handled this subject with great sensitivity – seeing things from the pilot’s point of view is a really strong idea. I am currently reading ‘Bloodlands’ by Timothy Snyder which show how the Nazis and The Soviet Union have trashed the Ukraine, Poland and other states in the area – that too is harrowing stuff. Nice one, Cheers.

  2. The pilot trying not to think about the destruction surely must the only way to cope with the consequences. I’m with you, it’s horrifying what is happening and it’s really well captured here through the pilots eyes in song.

  3. I’m in tears listening to this, Graham. In the light of all the current warfare & bombing, your song has so much resonance. Drawing us into the life and mind of the pilot focuses our feelings on the human dilemma & chaos created by war. Your guitar, vocals and melody don’t distract; they frame. Your artwork is also the perfect accompaniment.

  4. I thought this was terrific, after hearing a few that had lots of instrumentation just voice and guitar was welcome, that simplicity allows the song and its story to take centre stage which is as it should be.

  5. Thank you for all your positive comments, they are much appreciated. Nothing better to give the incentive to carry on. Circumstances make it difficult for me to listen to your songs at the moment but I will in due course.

  6. Tense, expectant guitar captures the emotion of the central character of the song. The repetition of ‘over the city’ creates an impression of a relentless and unstoppable force wielded by those in power who don’t care. Good work Graham!