Before you know it

I came to the UK for one year in 2009, a reminder that the passage of time doesn’t always happen as you expect.

Memory is a peculiar thing
only 100 feet from my door to the shop
Secure in the knowledge of what I must get
Weaving the aisles like a little lost dog
Searching for something familiar

Before you know it the basket is full
With flotsam and jetsam and whatnots galore
A routine outcome of an all routine chore
And the irony is …
I only came here for milk

The sun comes up, the sun goes down
I wake, I shower, I work, I sleep
Somewhere in there I might meet with friends
And occasionally watch tele

Time it is strange, a constant companion
It can drag like an anchor or fly like a plane
Disappear out of site when the details aflame
Stop you in your tracks amid beats on a train
Leaving you gasping for air

Before you know it some 12 years has passed
More than twenty percent of your whole life to date
A massive chapter of an epic opus
And the irony is, I only came here for milk.


  1. Hi Kyle, I like this, the chords and your voice almost give this a Beatlesesque, or even Oasis feel (which is no bad thing). I particularly like the line: ‘Time it is strange, a constant companion It can drag like an anchor or fly like a plane’ that works a treat. Hope you got your milk? Just being nosey, but where did you come from in 2009? Cheers, Phil

  2. Like this Kyle. ‘I wake, I shower, I work, I sleep’ sounds about right for a lot of people. (I for one don’t work any more – Hurrah). Nice chord structure. Good stuff

  3. Huw and Rebecca, thanks for the kind words, and for the vote. I was starting to get a little despondent that I had created an offensive song, but your comments have cheered me up. Yes I’ve had the record company name in my head for a few years now (a K Rokkas Hit) Now all I have to do is actually form the company and sell some product!