Back in the Canyon

This song starts out being about writers block with the writer yearning for the heady days of the late 60s in Laurel Canyon, California where creativity was seemingly spilling out of every doorway., Hope you enjoy the accompanying video – see how many artists you recognise.


  1. Hi John, This is fun, which is apt as I guess life in the Canyon was (apart from Mr Manson!) fun. You’ve really captured the west coast vibe To be honest I was too busy listening to the song to check out the artists, but I watched that Netflix documentary on the Canyon, so could probable name most of them. A really original song that works for me.

  2. What a wonderful song about the magical place it was, during that creative yet turbulent era. So many legendary creative singer/songwriters from that place and time gave my generation life long memories.
    Your song is a beautiful tribute to that Place.