Written by Alan David
Lead vocals Alan David. Saxophone Boris Sedacca. Guitar by Dan Sandman. Produced and arranged by Boris Sedacca. Copyright Alan David


  1. So, Alan, I’d thought I’d be the first to make comment upon your song competition entry as no one else seems to have done so? I know that music is universal, a good groove is a good groove anywhere you travel, a good lyric is still a god lyric 20 years later when you hear it again as if it’s your first listening. So, you’ve certainly reached me on that level, I really enjoyed (actually loved) your main ‘chorus’, ‘Pre-chorus’, ‘Post- chorus’ vocals ‘Angela… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh’, super fantastic vocalisation and, I’ll see if I can slightly imitate (respectfully of course) on something I write in the future because it really works for you in this song and might also work for me. (I’ll credit you as the inspiration if successful at an equivalent level of vocalisation to yours) It was good to hear your honest passion and enthusiasm for, ‘Angela’! I do so hope she’s real, exists and is not just a figment of your colourful imagination! Hopefully, you got her number! So, finally and without any criticism, judgement or anything else, in simple terms Alan you’ve courageously and fearlessly submitted perhaps 3 or 4 song versions of the same song as a sort of compilation which in and of its self is well worth the full, 10.32 mins of watching time required. However, perhaps after reflection you may want to consider just submitting the single song version you’d like to enter instead of the several versions (all of which have massive enjoyment level) but, possibly a little OTT length and endurance wise for most listeners? After all, they don’t know Angela as you clearly do from the fantastic images of her on the video/s and so may not as, I myself can a little more, appreciate that in fact, your, ‘Angela’ really does deserve and need the full, 10.32 min listening experience! For myself, I’m happy I did the journey and made it too the end. It was worth it! Thanks for your entry Alan, for being truly unique and original. You’re most welcome in my world should you care to press the member ‘connect’ button to link in with me here! You certainly seem crazy enough to do so, so that’s good lol. Cheers, Terry.