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Our missions is to connect and inspire songwriters age 50+ across the world

Our membership site is the perfect platform to give you all the inspiration, connection and education you need to develop your talents as a songwriters and form meaningful connections with real people in your local area and online across the world.


With songwriters age 50+ across the world through your starting group, the chat forums, and by forming your own new connections


With our free masterclasses, courses, songwriting challenges, and with tips from one another


Advance your career as a songwriter, take advantage of new opportunities and make friends along the way

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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently offering a '2022 pre-registered' discount!

This is for members who have pre-registered for the 2022 competition so that when you join you are immediately connected to the other people also pre-registered for it!

We exist because Talent Is Timeless members wanted a more organised place to connect with each other and learn more about songwriting.

Once purchased as a ‘2022 pre-registered’ member, the price will never increase.

Purchases are of course refundable and cancellable if you choose the monthly option.

We welcome feedback from members about how to improve the site, too.

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  • Same perks as Standard Monthly
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*This level of membership and 40% discount will never be offered again and is a thank you for being the 2022 pre-registered group.

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