Lyric Contest: What I Don’t Love About You

Welcome to our second lyric contest!

9th Nov - 10th Dec

Here you can submit your lyrics on the theme of: What I Don't Love About You Description: By popular demand (thanks Ian!) we are hosting another lyric writing contest. This theme was inspired by a member's song called 'I don't love your Robert Redford smile' by Roberta Boxshall which got me to thinking - let's write love songs framed in the negative about anyone or anything we love. My guess is that writing in the negative will hit that perfect balance between writing something particular about someone/something and the universal feeling of love. There is no right or wrong when it comes to writing lyrics so all entries will be valid and votes are only for fun!

The prize: Some of these lyrics will be turned into songs! The workshop attendees next month will be asked to pick their favourite lyrics from all of the entries and there will turn them into songs.